24/10/2020 Current trends in Urology Web Lectures by the International Urological Community

Current trends in Urology
Web Lectures by the International Urological Community  


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Saturday, October 24th 2020

08:45-09:00 Welcome Message by HUA President
         Ioannis K. Gkialas

09:00-13:00 H.U.A. hosts the European School of Urology (ESU) 
Renal Cancer: New challenges and unmet needs in the surgical treatment of renal tumor: Lights and shadows for a tailored approach in patients with advanced/metastatic renal cancer
Chair: A. Heidenreich, Cologne (Germany)

         Welcome message
         E. Liatsikos , Chairman of ESU

         European School of Urology: A unique possibility for urological education 
         A. Heidenreich, Cologne (Germany)

EAU Guidelines recommendations on advanced renal cancer
- Cytoreductive nephrectomy: tailoring the surgical indication in the targeted therapy era.
- Cytoreductive nephrectomy: techniques and surgical approach
- Local therapy of metastases
        A. Heidenreich, Cologne (Germany)

Role of Angio-Embolization of the kidney as neoadjuvant therapy for renal cell carcinoma.
        A. Mari, Florence (Italy)

Management of RCC with venous tumour thrombus: the impact of minimally invasive approach. 
        A. Heidenreich, Cologne (Germany)

Last evidences and future prospects in the use of immune checkpoint inhibitors.
        A. Mari, Florence (Italy)

Interactive case discussion
       A. Heidenreich, Cologne (Germany), A. Mari, Florence (Italy)
       V. Tzortzis, Larissa (Greece) S. Giannakopoulos, Alexandroupolis (Greece) 
       P. Kallidonis, Patras (Greece)

13:15-15:15 State of the Art Lectures 1
                        H.U.A. welcomes EAU Sections

The ESUO Lecture:  Diagnostics and treatment of BPS if office according to the EAU 
        Helmut Haas (Germany)

The ESUT Lecture: New surgical robots in the market and the first clinical experiences                                                                                        
        Ali Serdar Gozen (Germany)

The ESFFU Lecture: Underactive Bladder
        Francisco Cruz (Portugal)

The ESAU Lecture: Post- fertilization effects of primary testicular damage                                                  
        Nikolaos Sofikitis (Greece)

15:30-16:30 Round Table 1 – Bladder Cancer
Molecular Prognosis method in Bladder Cancer 
        Evangelos Xylinas (France)

Immunotherapy in bladder cancer 
        John Sfakianos (USA)

Follow up protocols for muscle-invasive bladder cancer and various urinary diversions 
        Arnulf Stenzl (Gerrmany)

16:45-17:45 Round Table 2 – Female & Functional Urlogy Section of HUA
Office functional urology

         Office urodynamics: indications, requirements, equipment 
         Speaker: Evagellos Spyropoulos
         Commentator: Nikolaos Mertziotis

         Female urinary incontinence: in-office approach 
         Speaker: Andreas Petrolekas
         Commentator: Georgios Kousournas

        Neurogenic Incontinence in the elderly 
        Speaker: Michail Samarinas
        Commentator: Charalambos Constantinidis

18:00-19:00 Round Table 3 -  Andrology Section of HUA

Male Infertility. Defying the “Holy Bible”, the EAU guidelines. 
        Konstantinos Makarounis 

       Metabolic Syndrome and sexual dysfunction: Is this the road to Hell? 
       Charalampos Thomas 

       IPP. The first critical months. 
       Dimitrios Borousas 

       Sexual complications after urological instrumentation. An underestimated issue? 
       Ioannis Zoumpos 

       Porn in sexual medicine. Angel or Demon? 
       Paraskevi-Sofia Kirana & Petros Drettas 

Sunday, October 25th 2020

      09:00-13:00 State of the Art Lectures 2
      H.U.A.  welcomes the International Societies

      The EAU Lecture: the current role of Tissue Engineering in Urology
     Chris Chapple, EAU General Secretary, (United Kingdom)

      The AUA Lecture
      Novel robotics and artificial intelligence in Urooncology
      Raju Thomas (USA) 

      The SIU Lecture: Focal Therapy in Prostate Cancer 
       Jean de la Rosette, SIU General Secretary, (The Netherlands)

      The ICS Lecture: Current State of Sacral Neuromodulation 
      David Castro Diaz, SIU General Secretary, (Spain)

      The ESSM Lecture: Low-density shockwaves for Erectile Dysfunction 
      Carlo Bettocchi (Italy)

        The INUS Lecture: The need for Neuro-Urology training
        Giulio Del Popolo (Italy)

The CAU Lecture: LUTS in the aging man
Stavros Charalampous (Cyprus)

The HUA Lecture: Urology & covid-19
Gerasimos Alivizatos (Greece)

13:15 - 14:15 State of the Art lectures 3 - EAU Guidelines 

        The newly developed EAU guidelines on Male Sexual and Reproductive Health.
        A new insight. 
        Andrea Salonia (Italy)

        The role of vaginal mesh repair of POP in 2020. Is TOT still the gold standard in genuine non-complicated SUI?
        Emmanuel Delorme (France)

EAU Guidelines on Penile Cancer
       Oliver Hakenberg (Germany)

14:30 - 15:30 Round Table 4 – Endourology SectioN of HUA 

UTUC diagnosis and MIS treatment using new technologies
        Alberto Breda (Spain)

Off clamp Robotic Partial Nephrectomy
        Ali Riza Kural (Turkey)

Partial Nephrectomy: Tips and Tricks
        Francis Keeley (United Kingdom)

16:00-17:00 Round Table 5 –Ouro Oncology Section of HUA  

        Current trends in the management of mHSPC
        Theodors Kalogeropoulos

        Cytoreductive surgery in mRCC
        Petros Sountoulidis

        Active surveillance in Uro-Oncology
        George Koritsiadis